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Social media is a very effective and quick tool of spreading awareness about product or services.
Whereas traditional modes of advertising have their own limitations, social media is a cost-effective way of reaching out to the end-customer. Umang Mehta, MD of Roop Technologies says social media advertisement is comparatively cheap at the same time it is very effective.
Majority of distributors making effective use of traditional and modern means of advertising, however, some distributors do not undertake advertising and publicity campaigns for its products. There are still many business organizations who are not advertising on their own, rather these have devised their own strategies to remain profitable. It can be concluded that in the world of digitalization, modes of advertising are changing with channel adapting to new technologies, however, the prominence of advertisement has not declined. While nothing beats anthropological fieldwork and observation, let’s take a look at numbers behind the top social networks to get a better picture of network engagement and user demographics. Remember, it’s how you interpret these numbers combined with an understanding of the real world needs and experiences of the people you’re attempting to engage that determines the success or failure of your social media program. Hi Brian!Loves your dedication to social media!This post was extremely informative and interesting.
I'm working on my social media marketing book at the moment and your work is confirming my work.I have been watching one of your seminars and as mentioned above I really admire your dedication!
It's the age of social networking and social media advertising to promote all products and services.
Our team of Copywriters and Social Media Experts know best how to integrate your brand's identify and your personality with social media, which will show you in positive light. Last year, Robert Scoble and Darren Barefoot debuted the Social Media Starfish to visualize and document the rapidly evolving landscape for social tools, services, and networks. If you work in marketing, public relations, advertising, customer service, product development, or any discipline that’s motivated, shaped, and directed by customers, peers, stakeholders and influencers, monitoring and in some cases, participating in online conversations is critical in competing for the future. Over the last month, I worked with Jesse Thomas of JESS3, to create a new graphic that helps chart online conversations between the people that populate communities as well as the networks that connect the Social Web. The conversation map is a living, breathing representation of Social Media and will evolve as services and conversation channels emerge, fuse, and dissipate.

Remember, participating in Social Media is more meaningful when you have a deeper understanding of anthropology and sociology and not just the social tools that facilitate interaction. One service that I miss on your prism, though, is the social photo sharing service ipernity. Social channels are inherently built for sharing and engagement, making them the perfect place to cultivate valuable business relationships. Sanjiv Krishen, Chairman, Iris Computer sticks to company’s policy of not advertising its products. The biggest advantage of online advertising is that it has no barriers of geographical boundaries.
It is the zeitgeist of socialized media and it’s manifesting into an obsession for branding, advertising, “viral,” marketing, and communications experts and professionals worldwide. Many businesses are building social channels to broadcast messages in a one to many, top-down practice that not only prevents relationship building, but impedes any hope of cultivating communities and empowering brand ambassadors.
Each network possesses a vibrant culture and ecosystem that is powered by context and connected by influential social graphs. Businesses are trying their best to use social media advertising for their business growth and popularity. This visual map is the ideal complement to The Essential Guide to Social Media and the Social Media Manifesto, which will help you better understand how to listen and in turn, participate transparently, sincerely, and effectively. I’ve been monitoring conversations for a while now, and in the meantime working on getting management on board with social media, where we should take our first steps, etc.
However, Social marketing is not a simple undertaking; one has to be dedicated every single day to maintain a consistent, relevant, and engaging social marketing strategy.
Social media is emerging as a popular mode of advertisement among vendors as well as distributors. The strength of social media is that it reaches to the masses and is a fast mode of communication.
As mobiles are connected to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, advertisements are always in sight. In next couple of years, Digital advertisement or social media advertisement will take over major portion of advertisement with distributors making smart and effective use of this platform for the benefit of their businesses.

Social media advertising offered by Simayaa is a collection of operations and methods with the sole aim of generating publicity (commercially). Solution providers believe that advertising is very essential to reach out to the end users. Through social media the organization is connected to many people at once and helps in increasing this medium to increase their visibilty to a large extent. It's different from other methods, as publicity is done through online communities and social media websites which include Facebook and Twitter. It would be great to be able to track how someone purchases something through their social media network ie reading reviews, comments etc.
With advancement in technologies, channel too has adopted modern approaches for advertisement and publicity.
Social media advertising works on the simple concept that advertisers should go wherever clients hang out. Advertising has evolved into a vastly complex form of communication, with literally thousands of different ways for a business to get a message to the consumer.
Social media has gained prominence in advertising space with print media maintaining its position. I believe that social media will take over television advertisement in next couple of years, “ says Dushyant Mehta, CEO, Mediaman Infotech. But we are planning to move towards social media and search engine optimization (SEO),” adds Malhotra. South based V Murali, founder director of Precision Group and Dinesh Dhanapathi, MD of Symmetrix Computer Systems also say that as a distributor they are not involved in advertising and brand promotions. For a distribution company like Rashi Peripherals, social media plays an integral role because it helps the company to connect directly to the end customers and interact with them. Other promotional offers clubbed with advertising also work very well and solution providers are getting aggressive and leaving no stone unturned to market themselves competitively.

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