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Social media advertising supports both online and offline advertising and provides advertisers with the ability to engage their prospects further to build relationships that result in sales. Social media advertising has been very useful in getting the word out about new products, services or even brands. The problem is that likes are an easy activity for participants but they don’t necessarily translate to sales.
Nice and helpful post it will help me.With social media growing more important to businesses every day, waiting to use crowdsourcing to mine our social media data puts us a step behind our competition—who are likely already gaining powerful insight into their own data.
If you are running a small business, you’ve probably already made some steps towards establishing a presence on social media. 89% of advertisers use free social media tools compared with 71% of agencies, while 81% of agencies use paid social media advertising compared with 75% of advertisers. About two-thirds of respondents plan to increase their social media advertising spend and about a third plan to keep it the same. Almost 40% of marketers are shifting some offline marketing budget into paid social media advertising. Over 40% of advertisers want to use the same metrics for their offline efforts as their social media efforts.

Over 90% of marketers want to use social media advertising the same way they use other forms of advertising and marketing.
To accomplish this, social media publishers must find ways to better track advertising and prospects without interfering with consumer trust. It’s interesting to see the large percentage of advertisers who want to define goals, establish metrics and calculate ROI for their social media advertising efforts. Social media crosses into the offline budget since it’s considered a cross channel connector. This makes sense since good or bad they understand how to track and evaluate these offline metrics. For someone who does not have a lot of experience with marketing and social media, and you feel very good about early forays in promoting your business online. Marketers are more likely to keep their social media activity in-house where they can leverage their existing marketing, sales and customer service resources to create content and engage with prospects and customers directly.
Even more important to note is that over half of advertisers run social media advertising with offline advertising.
Plan the process of your prospect’s visit from viewing your offline ad to viewing your social media ad to landing on your social media page to building your relationship with the prospect.

Actionable Social Media Tactic: Ensure that your social media advertising spend is aligned with your social media presence on the social media networks your target audience frequents. This is no surprise since social media advertising is significantly less expensive and provides a means to easily connect with prospects. Marketers are currently able to track results from some social media executions and networks. Coordinate your paid social media advertising with your social media presence to maximize your impact. Leverage your social media presence to continue your connection beyond the initial social media engagement. Bear in mind that prospects don’t magically move from your social media site to your website to purchase.

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