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When assessing the acquisition, a key point in McCluskey’s mind was the presence of a Northern Michigan small town work ethic and the depth of experience in the longtime workforce. Assuming spring 2013 is kinder to Northern Michigan fruit, Graceland should see a growth year. The company currently employs 35 people, about 15 in Northern Michigan and others in Poland and India.

This Northern Michigan company, still entirely in Benzie, now has two plants there and employs about 190 people, says Doug Rath, human resources manager. The company’s growth line leveled off in 2012, when 90 percent of the cherry crop in Northern Michigan failed following a freakishly early spring warm-up and then a hard frost that killed the too-early buds. But the upshot is that today, American Waste creates Northern Michigan jobs, employing 350 people and is comprised of two divisions- a waste hauling and recycling division, and an environmental and industrial services division.

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