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While measuring performance for your overall website and marketing campaigns, web analytics alone cannot provide complete information on the success of your online marketing campaigns. Marketing analytics gives you an insight on the keywords that are generating the most of the leads and traffic to your site or any third party websites. To take your business to the next level, you must be advertising through different sources or social media platform but are not sure which one is giving you the maximum leads and which was you should probably not waste time on, then marketing analytics is the right tool for you.

Web analytics only measure the web effectiveness like page views, page load times and other statistics related to your business site.
But to measure other significant statistics like traffic, leads, sales (that plays a prominent part in online marketing), a marketing analytics tool is needed. It also tells you how your certain online advertisement is working in other social marketing platforms.

Marketing analytics is such a tool that will help you know about other effective online marketing tools.

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