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Last May, The New York Times leaked internal Innovation Report reported that homepage traffic had plummeted by a shocking 50% over the last two years. For example, fitness entrepreneur Laura Clendenning has a strong Instagram presence and uses Social Streams to drive followers directly to her website to encourage class sign-ups.
Restaurants post photos of daily menu items, and stores share pictures of new products on social media. Michelle Yu, owner of eCommerce shop Old Man Art Shoppe, uses Social Streams to share photos about new products on her website, eliminating the need for her to create duplicate information on her site. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key to gaining traffic and the SEO power of Social Streams is unique to any other product on the market.
Photographer Louisa Wells creates daily content on her popular Instagram feed, and uses Social Streams to share these photos on her blog while encouraging followers to read content that they are limited to reading on social media. If you are running a campaign, event or movement, Social Streams allows you to aggregate online conversations by collecting social posts based on hashtags, no matter how big or small. During each workshop, Social Streams was used to aggregate the social media buzz and encourage participant feedback and engagement by streaming the conversation in front of the crowds. Creating social media streams allow users to seamlessly collect and display social media content relevant to their brands.

Social Streams is all about simplicity and is focused on making visual content like photos and videos shine.
Retweets are nice, but at the end of the day, you want your social media followers to convert, whether you want them to buy your products or to sign up for your mailing list. Social Streams saves you time and effort as you’ll never have to post the same information twice! However, he does post daily photos on Instagram and uses Social Streams as way to effectively add new content to his website – without any extra work.
Followers see fragments of your social existence and messaging through your social media channels.
Social Streams plugs seamlessly into WordPress websites and allows users to add tweets, Instagram photos, videos and hashtag feeds directly onto a webpage in a clean, beautiful way. It’s easy to manage and moderate Social Streams from anywhere at anytime – this is the most seamless social feed experience in the market.
Don’t treat your social media feed as a stream of chatter on the sidebar or the footer. We’ve already done the heavy lifting for you by incorporating SEO optimization into Social Streams.

Social Streams also has a full-page, live-updating Event Stream to display at performances,events or in stores, restaurants and venues. Social Streams is the first WordPress product from Briteweb and the company plans to release more products in 2015.
Instead, make it interesting and leverage the social media real estate on your website as a call-to-action to your website visitors to convert. It’s the MOST beautiful social media stream that exists on the market that works on any screen size.
As you create social media posts, Social Streams automatically adds the post to your website feed with no additional effort on your part.

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