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Yes, it's true that those with a bachelor's typically earn more than those without one - but it's certainly not always the case. A new report by the career-guidance website CareerCast found that there are plenty of high-paying jobs - including commercial pilot and registered nurse - that don't require four years of college.
CareerCast evaluated 200 professions across a variety of industries and skill levels to determine the highest-paying jobs that don't require a four-year degree.
While requirements may vary depending on the hiring company, an entry-level applicant can work as a buyer with a high-school diploma.
According to the BLS, nurses can launch their careers either with a bachelor's degree in nursing science, an associate's degree in nursing, or certification from an accredited nursing program.

While training to be a farmer is largely gained on the job, the BLS reports that "farm and land management has grown more complex," which has prompted more farmers to pursue bachelor's degrees. Whereas airline pilots typically need a college degree in addition to their FAA pilot's licensing and ATP certification, commercial pilots - who fly aircraft for reasons such as charter flights, rescue operations, firefighting, and aerial photography - can begin their careers with a high-school diploma and the proper licensing and certification. I agree , now on days studying and having a degree is like committing suicide , student debt is sky rocketing and is one of the worst issues the Zionist Government of America is facing right now.
The BLS reports that completion of one of these programs typically comes with either official certification or an associate's degree. The BLS also reports, however, that government programs exist to help aspiring farmers gain training and a foothold in the industry.

I hv done high school , besics of computer , short term diploma in hotel management spcialiazed in cooking.

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