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Three seem to be three easily identifiable stages within modern women’s entrance into (and overtaking of) the world job market.
But now, there are female astronauts, business executives, lawyers, doctors, and politicians – who not only work in these fields, but are compensated for their hard work fairly.
Kimber Lockhart, who can remember being one of two or three women in her computer science lectures at Stanford, is now the senior director of application engineering at Box, a cloud storage company in Los Altos, Calif.
This column, the second part of "Women and Computing: The Promise Denied," looks at the ways the dramatic gender imbalance in computing is a problem not just for women, but for everyone.
Encouraging women to fill those unfilled jobs would have the added benefit of righting a wrong that has persisted for decades. Right now, four of the 20 top-paying jobs for women are in computing, a broad field in which only about one-quarter of workers are female. Contrast that with the teaching profession, where more than three-quarters of public school teachers are female and where median pay for women is about $48,000 in elementary schools and about $51,000 in high schools.

Yes, computing offers higher pay than fields dominated by women, but the advantages go beyond that.
Beyond the six-figure salaries, stock-option packages and flexibility, women are missing out on a field that many find incredibly fulfilling.
Sandy Jen, who cofounded Web messaging company Meebo and sold it to Google in 2012 for a reported $100 million, likes to point to research that shows companies with women in leadership positions offer investors and shareholders better returns than those without. Denise Gammal, who's been studying the effects of diverse teams for the Anita Borg Institute, bolsters Jen's argument that diverse companies do better by pointing to reams of research by universities from London to Chicago to make the point that companies with diverse teams do better financially. The sort of imperative that cries out for a movement -- maybe this time one led not by Rosie the Riveter, but by Peggy the Programmer.
When women are excluded, even unintentionally, from the computing field, they miss out on lucrative tech careers. The best tech jobs for women are positions such as computer programmer, software developer, information systems manager and systems analyst, with median pay for women ranging from about $60,000 to about $80,000.

Or consider nursing, where about 90 percent of registered nurses are female and where median pay for women is about $56,000. The lack of female computer scientists is also bad for the companies who miss out on the chance to hire them into tech roles. The problem still persists, judging by women's complaints about trying to get automobile voice command systems to listen to them. Likewise, early video conference technology, which focused on the speaker, often had trouble finding women in the room because of the pitch of their voices, Margolis writes in "Unlocking the Clubhouse: Women in Computing," which she co-authored.

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