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Average Laundry Attendant salaries for job postings nationwide are 68% lower than average salaries for all job postings nationwide. This eliminates the entire searching process and lets you focus your mental energy on reviewing pre-qualified jobs and deciding if you’d like to apply. Having freed up your time and mental energy from the tedium of manual job searching, you can now focus on submitting a strong application to those few select jobs that actually made the cut!

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to build a system that 1) understands the type of job(s) you’re looking for, 2) detects when those types of jobs are posted on Indeed, Linkedin or Craigslist, and 3) emails lists of matching jobs directly to a folder in your inbox, ready for you to review!
But on the positive side, you will never miss a chance to apply to one of their jobs if this list it on Linkedin. Some postings are one long epic run-on sentence, while others are just laundry-lists of bullet points dumped into a webform.

And if even a third of those jobs were filled this way, it means nearly two-thirds of ARRA's total hiring (direct and indirect) was among the unemployed.

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