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January 18, 2013 By Leila While it may seem like the dream set up, being able to stay home and work as well as having the ability to be there and raise your kids, it isn’t easy!
With all this chaos in my life I finally have found some normalcy and have found that I can’t take on everything that comes my way, my son is my first priority and I will drop work in a heartbeat to be there for him. I found that having a workspace to call my own gives me the feeling that I have an office and can separate work from home. I build blogs and websites using Wordpress and The Genesis Theme Framework as the foundations for a clean and functional website. Even though you stay at home with your little ones, you still need to get out and about every now and then. Pace and Rider Universities recently found that women who choose to become stay-at-home moms earn nearly 20 percent less than those who don't experience a gap in employment.

Luckily, there are a ton of options for stay-at-home moms who also want to be working moms. Have a planner and use it to plan the days that you know you won’t be home during the hours you would normally work, this way you can adjust your schedule like skipping the chores or maybe staying up an extra hour at night to finish the work so you are not in a crunch. If you already have quite a load of work and know you may not have time for a new one, then let the customer know. Setting the hours and sticking to it will make it manageable to work from home and stay at home too. In fact, most stay-at-home moms have several full-time jobs including cook, chauffeur, maid, teacher, nurse and more.
Here are a few ways you can get extra cash as a stay-at-home mom–as well as the caveats that can come with each position.

Also keep in mind that there are usually a lot of up front costs for you, so without a wide network of potential customers (or just a couple really rich, generous and sympathetic friends), you may not even break even.
Other options include tutoring for specific grade levels or subjects in which you excel or creating online curriculums.

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