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As animal care professionals who have recruited within the animal care sector, we know how important it is to take the right steps to gain the relevant experience and knowledge needed when applying for jobs working with animals.We also know how difficult it can be to find the correct information you need to succeed.
Animal Jobs Direct gave me the information I required in a clear precise way, gave me the support I required and gave me the belief in myself to move forward with my new career.
If you want to work with animals, you will find that there are many different options and a huge array of job opportunities. Take our courses worldwide!  Study online and get trained to work with animals in the UK, Canada, the United States, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Europe and more!
Volunteer with Animals Africa: Here are a few organisations that are accept volunteers to assist them with their animal welfare work in Africa. Lion conservation volunteering South AfricaVolunteer with animals at LIONSROCK, South Africa’s largest sanctuary for abused and mistreated big cats.You won't just see lions here however. Whether on a gap year, career break, retired or with family, you can help us preserve some of the most diverse and vulnerable ecosystems on Earth. Volunteering with animals in Africa is an extremely rewarding experience.Positions available accommodate to your skills and experience, so every volunteer is fully utilised.
Become part of the back stage running of the reserve and get involved in all the aspects of research, animal monitoring and general reserve maintenance.

Whether you want to get up close and personal with a cheetah, ride horses along the Indian Ocean coast whilst watching dolphins nearby, research and care for the largest land mammal; the elephant, get to know a variety of species of monkey or be involved in wildlife conservation research in a Big 5 reserve, we have the project for you.
I read animal behaviour at university, and did voluntary work in the sector before joining the RSPCA.
But it doesn’t cover our full costs, which include ensuring every animal is neutered, wormed and micro-chipped before being rehomed. We offer a free consultation with our highly experienced careers and course adviser who has had years of experience working with animals and recruiting staff. Spending time with an organisation in Africa, can be one of the best ways to gain work experience; this along with relevant training (which can be done whilst you are volunteering), will ensure that your CV stands out to employers. With a diverse selection of affordable projects, volunteers can contribute to the Cheetah and African Wild Dog Sanctuary in South Africa, Wildlife Sanctuary, African Wildlife Orphanage in Zimbabwe, and many more.
Work with Lions, chimpanzees, whale sharks, turtles, elephants, horses, macaws and many other species in breeding and rehabilitation programs, habitat preservation, rescue centres, protection programs and education centres. Our wildlife conservation and gap year placements for students and adults have been established with the needs of the game reserves or conservation projects in mind.
Animals and their welfare are very much my passion, so working for the charity is my dream job.

If you don't have previous experience working with animals, then we suggest that job seekers gain practical experience and relevant training; at Animal Jobs Direct, we can assist with both (along with free careers advice), please contact us for assistance. These programs allow volunteers to interact with wild animals and experience all that Africa has to offer. We also offer animal projects in Asia and the Caribbean.Horse Rehabilitation VolunteerAn exciting opportunity to work hands on with horses on the South African coast. So your conservation work with animals will be meaningful, as well as a once in a life time experience! As well as the rehabilitation side of the project, you will also have the opportunity to help out with beach and bush horse trails. She’s mainly black, like her predecessors, with a white bow-tie and little white toenails that really stand out.

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