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The good thing about the hashtag is that if someone wrote a tweet without putting the word Gravity in the main message, it will still show up in your search because of the tag. In a way, hashtags allow you to create communities of people interested in the same topic by making it easier for them to find and share info related to it. I think this question gets to the heart of the confusion about these danged things, because hashtags are NOT any kind of official Twitter function. When hashtags first started being used, it was a very organic process that worked simply because of a group mindset that people like to categorize topics and this was one way to make it easier to do so. The first thing you would do is a basic Twitter search to see if a related term already exists. As to how achievable this is – I wish I had time to explore and play with the Tutum API a little!
The platform itself is reminiscent of a minimal take on something like, which provides access to a hosted version of IPython notebooks within a claimed workbench environment.

For example, I created a hashtag called #tech4ludds for any tweets that people want to associate with Tech for Luddites. I think hashtags just bring a little more organization to the process as people see which ones are being used the most. At least one of the configurations on (Load balancing a Web Service) seems to show how to script this. To my mind, KMi Crunch as more of a workbench feel to it, because it provides application integration, (RSTudio + MySQL), albeit baked in. I’m not sure how they decide what counts as top, although I imagine it has to do with the number of followers a tweeter has or the number of times the tweet has been retweeted. For example, when a plane went down in the Hudson River a few years ago ago, some Twitter user wrote a post and added #flight1549 to it. For example, a writer friend of mine, Michelle Rafter, runs a blog called WordCount with information for other writers.

Which is to say – they work over the web, and, if appropriate, they can be accessed via a browser.
On the last Wednesday of each month, she hosts a Twitter chat around a theme and everyone who participates adds the hashtag #wclw (for WordCount Last Wednesday) to each tweet so everyone can follow along. If I’d built a cool Jupyter notebook and wanted to let you have a play with it, I could share the notebook file with you and you could then download it and run it on your own notebook server, assuming you know how to do that, but it might also be nice if you could 1-click launch an interactive version of it on my site. For something like this, where tweets would have been flying fast and furiously, it wouldn’t have taken long for this hashtag to go viral and suddenly thousands of people posting about it would have added it to their tweets as well.

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