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The relationships that Twitter encourages are not overbearing, and allow for easy but significant interactions. Leveraging Twitter to find leads is effective because the followership inherent in the site operates according to trust and credibility.
If you tweet about needing people for a new project, you can rely on your followers (and the general Twitter features and functions) to help you find the best possible people. Another Twitter advantage is that you can have access to high-profile people and companies without any hassles.
And, Twitter has a lot of tools that you can use to facilitate your search for leads better. Many businesses have capitalised on using this very popular social networking site to find their next big business break. Twitter allows you to have real-time one-on-one conversations with people around the world. Due to the aforementioned ease of real-time conversation, more and more consumers are turning to Twitter for customer service.

When used correctly, hashtags can open the doors to a whole plethora of smoking hot leads for your business. For instance, at Freaky Fresh Marketing, we want to be involved in online conversations centered around Ames, Des Moines, digital marketing, and social media. It used to be just a venue where information can be relayed in less than a hundred and forty characters. Being retweeted, for example, by a profile that has a lot of followers would immediately give you website traffic. You can instal browser plug-ins to make reading tweets easier, or integrate your other social networking account with your Twitter profile. If you believe that you possess these qualities, contact us to find out how you can be one of us.
Twitter has over 645 million users (288 million active users) with 135,000 new users signing up every day.
Statistics show that 42% of Twitter users use the network to learn more about products and services.

With Twitter on their phones and with them wherever they go, they can now tweet directly to businesses. You can search hashtags to find conversations (mentioned in point #1 above) and find prospects talking about your product, your service, your industry, your location, or your exact business.
Today, though, it has turned into one of the most effective platforms through which businesses can hunt up leads.
When these features and functions are extended to fit the purpose of finding leads for your business, Twitter can prove to be a veritable source of promising results. Twitter gives businesses and entrepreneurs the chance to approach those they may otherwise have problems approaching. But here at Freaky Fresh Marketing, we would encourage you to reconsider for three reasons: conversations, customer service, and hashtags.

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