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A new survey by Citrix (CTXS), the Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) company that designs technology for employees to work remotely, shows that many people sneak in other activities while working from home. Based on a survey of 1,013 American office workers, conducted in June by Wakefield Research, 43 percent watch TV or a movie and 20 percent play video games while officially working from home. Whenever I tell people that my boyfriend, Kenny, and I both work from home, their mouths kind of drop. When your office is in your home, it can be very difficult to separate work from your personal life. When baby came around, I was the one who wanted to stay home, and he faced slaving away at a thankless job. And there are men (my brother, my friend’s husband, my uncle) who prefer to be home rather than working fulltime, who prefer the role of fulltime parent and the freedom of being stay at home dads to persue their other interests and no one says they are giving up on the dream or letting all men down.
This could segue into a whole conversation on how our culture twists the purpose of education.
I agree, however, that we need to change the mentality, and corporate policy, that its’ all or nothing. I think I share the same preference- a more flexible workforce, one that wasn’t so demanding. Absolutely we have to understand the constraints people are working with within this system we’ve got. If my Mom had not continued to work during my childhood, the odds are extremely high that she would be living at the poverty level or in a loveless marriage. Also, I have a lot of respect for less risk averse women who want to stay home and make it work. I think choosing for one parent to stay at home involves a lot of discusses and choices and the financial aspect is a big part of the picture.
I mean, I get that women who choose to stay home with kids are judged more unfairly than women who choose to climb the corporate ladder. Basically, while I totally agree that women who choose to stay home with kids deserve more respect, sometimes I feel sad that it seems like that’s the only way out of the corporate world, and the only two options are reckless ambition or reproduction.
Every day thousands of women are taking the leap and finding work they can do from home to contribute to the household budget. He has a small office upstairs that he works out of, and I have my own little space downstairs where I do all of my writing. Considering your work *directly* serves individuals and families who need support, I’d hope that value would be easily recognized.

I’ve spent some time defending him, but considering how conservative my family is, this is to be expected.
I am paying the bills now so that FH can finish up his degree and hop on out in the working world.
This bothers me only because if something ever happens to the breadwinner, the work-at-home spouse (usually a woman) may not have a good way to support her family. We do not have kids yet, but my husband and I have started to talk about it and me staying at home with baby is definitely an opportunity we will be seeking for. But until that’s a reality, we need to be fair that there are women (and men, both) who are struggling to make everything work within the established system as it is. My dad’s income shrunk over the course of their marriage (he works in a dying industry), while her income grew steadily.
For example I would insist on equal funding of retirement accounts in each of our names, regardless of who was and wasn’t working. But for me, the most judged group of all is that third group of stay at home women who are NOT moms and who don’t want to be. There are women who work from home that make 20-40% off of retail sales that happen right out of their home. Then creating a website may be the perfect work from home job for you.This is how I built this website. However, as hard as we both do work, Kenny and I always try to carve out time for each other. Maybe it’s a subconscious undervaluing of anything classified as “women’s work.” Maybe a concern that women are accepting the boring end of the stick by sitting in front of Sesame Street all day (if you are sitting in front of Sesame Street all day, I’m sure that’s true), but what concerns me is that it possibly reflects an inability to value both differences and equality, at the same time. Women who find value in being in their own homes for a significant portion of the day, however that plays out.
My parents made a reasonable decision based on whose job had benefits, and then went from there. If I want to stay home and raise my 9 children to be global citizens and damn fine human beings that is also EQUALLY fine.
I am going to keep working because I am risk averse and I want to be able to have some real control over my financial future. Now I’m shedding those expectations and trying to build a life that fits me in all aspects- work, hobbies, health, relationships, etc. Being able to contribute financially and stay at home with my boys sounded ideal.So, I set out to find the best work from home jobs.

My husband and I thought about who was having an easier time finding lucrative work, who had aspirations outside of a just-bill-paying job, and who wanted to be home. My suggestion is the two of you create a schedule that allows you (whenever possible) to work independently.
Understanding exactly what each individual needs to thrive on the job and to make the arrangement work is key to keeping the peace between the sheets, if you know what I mean. There are so many labels and acronyms and so very few real conversations about how people are approaching the decision to have and raise a child in this day and age. Staying home to be with my kid has been akin to any of the other decisions made in my marriage.
For guys who go the traditional route, they don’t seem to get any kickback from the world. I’m not trying to be judgmental at all, I just need some insight from someone who has been through the trenches. There are other women (like me), though, for whom staying at home only better serves to reach those dreams. Here is a list of what I feel is the best options for stay at home moms or those who wish to have more flexibility in their lives.  My goal, for this site, is to give you different options to make more, have more, and spend less money! So this week, in addition to your regularly scheduled wedding content, we’ve asked a few familiar faces to join in a conversations about parenthood as it pertains to home and work. Today we start with our own Liz, as she navigates working from home while also taking care of a kiddo during the day. This week we’ll also hear from Meg on the wonders of daycare, as well as longtime reader Brandi on her experiences as a stay at home parent.
While these perspectives certainly don’t even graze the complete possibilities of parenthood, my hope is that through them we can begin to expand our conversations on Parenthood out from June Cleaver and into something a bit more like real life. There is no "sure fit," and absolutely no "get rich quick" ideas.However, there are numerous work from home jobs.

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