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Dress up one of your booth staff in a unique costume or outfit and send him or her walking the trade show floor.
Take unique and interesting videos and photos during the trade show and share them with your followers on social media.
When it comes to using social media at trade shows, it is important to say thank you to attendees for visiting your booth, the trade show organizers for putting on a great show, and your team members and event staff for working hard and having fun.
If you are looking for low cost ways to effectively boost trade show performance results, social media may be your answer. As a result, trade show exhibitors need to reach and engage potential customers by using social media. Join existing conversations – Lots of conversations about the trade show, your industry, and even your company and products are already happening online. Determine which social channels to use – After taking the steps mentioned above, you should then determine the social channels used by your target audience.

Claim and complete your social profiles – Many of you already have profiles for your business on most social networks. Put someone in charge – Designate someone to be responsible for producing and publishing social media content before, during and after the show.
Social media is one of the many aspects of marketing that exhibitors need to stay on top of.
IMHO, investing heavily in social media is secondary to getting your website ready to convert inbound visits into new business leads.
The best you’re going to do on a social network is get someone to check out your corporate website. And second, remember that trade shows are B2B events, and when it comes to B2B search engine optimization and email marketing are still king of the jungle. Use social media to encourage attendees to find the missing staff member at the trade show, take a picture with him or her, and share it with your company on social media for a chance to win a prize.

Post status updates about the trade show on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ while uploading photos to Instagram and Pinterest. Not only will this help you to create a buzz around your booth, but it increases trade show leads too. Become a leader and a trusted source at the trade show by joining the social media conversation.

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