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While the majority believe social media has a place in the marketing mix, many don’t appear to have a plan.
So this doesn’t happen to you, here are 7 infographics, to account for all different kinds of businesses, that explain how to develop a social media strategy.
KEY SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY QUESTIONS: If brand positioning is a critical component of your social media strategy and you like to articulate it with key questions in direct, straightforward language, here are the key questions to be answered to develop your social media strategy.
STAGES OF THE SOCIAL MEDIA SALES FUNNEL: If the purpose of your social media effort is to connect in ways that show a measurable bottom-line result, then this infographic explains the sales funnel in four stages for you from its widest to narrowest diameters.
SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY FOR NON PROFITS: Social media principles may but the same for all business sectors, but nonprofits definitely behave differently than for profit businesses.

Notice that the social media platforms feed the strategy and then drive the reader to the real estate you control on the Internet – which is your website or your blog. There are several social media channels to choose from such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. We know that most people reading this will NOT have a strategy yet will be getting disappointing results on their social media platforms. And this cross-functional group should listen, target and learn together, this is the social media strategy from your organization. A strong social media presence can get dealerships a better grasp on the exposure of their brand.

The next logical step is to scrap social media from your marketing plan and all because you went in halfhearted in the first instance! As an automotive dealer, establishing a social media strategy can be the key to your success. Another social media strategy for Facebook is to put a full address on your Home Page so that users can “check in”.

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