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We know that most people reading this will NOT have a strategy yet will be getting disappointing results on their social media platforms. The next logical step is to scrap social media from your marketing plan and all because you went in halfhearted in the first instance! In this post, we examine this social media landscape with an eye on how to make it work for you by initiating social conversations and coordinating your social media message with your traditional media messages appearing in print, radio, television, and especially on your Web site. Social media reaches out to the world via the Internet where those, who might be interested in what you have to say or sell, are spending more of their time reading about companies, products and services just like yours. Social media rules are no different than rules for all other forms of professional communication, in which employees are directed to use sound judgment and common sense because their personal comments reflect on their employer. There is a variety of benefits for using social media as part of your overall communications plan. OverviewA client wanted to celebrate their 125th year in business by launching a two-month comprehensive social media campaign. We suggest 8 steps you can take to effectively integrate your message across media, and guide it along its way.
For every activity, find a good reason to do it and a way to measure its effectiveness for your plan.

By integrating traditional advertising and communications messages into social media venues, you can guide your message instead of controlling it.
And it only takes minutes to publish your message, instead of days, weeks or months like other more traditional print or broadcast media.Traditional media is a monologue.
Make it work for you instead of waiting for something negative to come up in some social media conversation to which you will need to react.
Look at ways to communicate more efficiently and how to re-purpose existing content to reach new audiences.Before you enter the social media conversation, have a plan with specific objectives for what you want to say and why readers may be interested in reading and responding. Or, more precisely, take 8 steps to integrate social media into your traditional marketing and communications plan. Look at ways to extend the message from a standard online press release or news story into multiple social media venues. Social media represents an evolution in communications and an opportunity to build relationships unlike anything before.
By using social media to broaden the distribution of your business communications, you are taking your message to where people can be reached more easily to connect.
Show them the contents of conversations happening about your company and evaluate for them the potential impact that social media can have to influence these conversations in a positive direction.

Possibly, you already know what tools will work best to get your message out but, for the benefit of a client or company executive not familiar with the social media landscape, you want to explain your rationale.
It requires long-term planning to integrate it into your existing Web site, but it can be rewarding in shaping the direction and content of conversations.Micro-blog (like Twitter or Tumblr) could help you gather information and build an audience prior to an industry conference presentation, and would allow you to continue the conversation and field additional questions or comments after it is over. Or, you may want to consider using a presentation-sharing media site (like Scribd or Skype) to host a real-time online Webinar using PowerPoint or a video presentation to a select audience of invited guests.
Decide who will generate the content, who will monitor it, and how these new activities will fit into the current workload.
According to Brian Solis, a recognized leader in social media, the question of who owns the responsibility for handling social media publishing within a company is an ongoing battle.

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