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You have to do so much in such less time that sometimes it is bewildering to see how things can be managed. There is also this mentality of small business that these social media platforms are for big businesses, but they are absolutely wrong as they haven’t come across the right way to utilize it for their benefit. This tool which will cost you $15 per month will help you realize how social media can carry on the conversation and create value for your business.2.
Postano –This one is only for $10 per month and it provides social media syndication, aggregation and also integration.
It doesn’t matter how small your business size is, but you definitely can dish out $10 each month from your pocket.3.
StepRep –With the help of this social media tool you can easily listen to what the customers have to say about you and your product. So if you want you can track twitter followers, draw comparison between different users easily with this social media tool. Viralheat –It is one in all media tools as it helps you in managing the social media platform, monitors them and also provides them with engagement as well as analytics. You can opt for freelancer or the business plan depending on how much you want to spend on this and how you want to manage things in here. It will allow the small business to listen to what their customers have to say about them, carry on with the monitoring of the reputation of your business online and also the monitoring of the social media platform has been simplified with the help of this tool.8. Postling –This will help you to get the most out of this whole social media scenario by providing you with the tools, insights and the alerts.
Sprout Social –This one will cost you $39 per month and will help you monitor your brand and also manage conversation effectively with this simple tool.

If you have accounts in Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and LinkedIn then this social media will be able to assist you but other than these platforms if you have any other account then it will be of no help to you.10. Though it has a basic plan, you can also use the $10 per month plan which will provide you all that you need to manage your social media account. It focuses on one major thing and that is how to share your content among the interested people through right browser and also with the help of your mobile phone.11. Crowdbooster-If you want to improve your social media presence online, then you can take the help of this tool which will help you with analytics of social media.
Not only that, it will also provide you with suggestions on how to improve your social media presence. Hootsuite –Managing different networks along with social media accounts through Hootsuite is an easy way of managing your accounts. This social media tool covers wide range of social media platform and is not restricted to few.13.
Silentale –This social media tool will help you in unearthing digital assets and takes care of everything including strategies.
Conversant –With the help of this social media tool, engagement of the customers can be increased and it will take proper initiatives to drive sales to a higher figure. SocialTwist –They will help you with referral marketing along with social apps and content engagement. Social Mention –This social media tool is totally free of cost and that is why it is one of the best tools for small businesses.
You can start off using this social media tool and once you are comfortable with it you can move towards other paid tools.2.

It provides the report in the form of pie-chart and it shows you how many people from your contact list are married or engaged or single. Rival IQ –If you want to track how your contemporaries are doing then, this is one tool that will surely help you keep a track on every one of them.
It monitors every social media site along with SEO and then builds up a report showing how they are faring. You are mentioned on various social media, but it is very difficult to keep a track of all that.
With the help of this social media tool you will be socially connected without compromising on the finance.
They will help you to control the social content, so that you have just the right amount to engage your audience.16. Conversocial –This social media tool will help you to provide excellent customer service through Facebook and Twitter page.
You have to connect the social network with the feed you want and then you can simply send the posts away. Swayy –It can be quite a challenge to find out new content every time to share, but with this social media tool you can find stories depending on interests and also the topics that you have shared in the past.

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