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Step 2 (first few minutes of video): Use your Business Facebook account, or create one to post jobs. Step 6: Track it, use bitly and sit-back and see who likes your ads, shares, and ultimately applies!
In the coming week, we will expand our Real-Time Targeting test for Facebook Ads on Marketplace to 100% of users worldwide. But the jaded side of me thinks we’ll keep seeing more of the same poorly targeted ads.
I’d been talking to the folks at Infused Commerce about their Facebook Store solution, and reached out to them to see if we could get something live quickly enough to help serve the massive number of folks coming to the site as a result of the Today Show deal.

Right now, the Infused Facebook shop application works in typical product feed fashion – very simple. Small brands – this is an easy, effective way to make your Facebook page a powerful tool in your customer acquisition toolbox.
This targeting feature can speed up the delivery of ads in real-time based on a set of qualified actions a person takes on the site. The tools have always been there, but lots of advertisers still do a really bad job with their Facebook campaigns. We posted the link on our temporary home page, and by the end of the day had processed a huge number of orders through the Facebook store – almost twenty times our normal daily website order volume in a single day.

The store itself is a Flash app that lives in an FBML tab on your company’s Facebook page. We’re using the same data that we already use to serve ads to our users, but this enhancement will allow users to see ads updated in real-time based on their activity.
We’re excited about this test, because we think it makes your ads more relevant to users by allowing you to reach users at a prime point in the purchase cycle – right when they are indicating intent.

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