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PlayAnalysts are taking a closer look at Facebook's business strategy and what's next for the social media industry with big Wall Street money looking for a friend.
Social Media has evolved past connecting friends and relatives, it has progressed into an online multipurpose center for businesses and job seekers.
Facebook PagesFreelance writers with their own writing business thrive financially by writing content for blog owners and various businesses. Facebook GroupThe greatest benefit of promoting via Facebook is its versatility as a media platform for almost any niche online.

Facebook PromotionBoth Facebook groups and pages are free, but real promotion costs a small fee. Bloggers who have dedicated their time and money into starting an online business are able to use Facebook for advertising purposes as well as finding employers.
Facebook is a handy resource for advertising writing skills through building pages linked to a website. If you are a freelance writer who specializes in copy writing, you can grow your audience in this niche by creating a Facebook group dedicated to discussing copy writing.

Unlike many media giants, Facebook has given writers and small business owners a portal to a quality audience without going broke. You simply link your Word Press blog to your Facebook page and your blog posts will be automatically posted on the Facebook page.

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