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Responsible for the promotion and sale of all products carried by GraceKennedy ( Belize) Limited are the key functions of this department. Responsible for the promotion and marketing of all products carried by GraceKennedy ( Belize) Limited are the key functions of this department. Retirement cheques, stocks and investment income, just appear to go further in Belize.Services that are significantly more economical in this country include basic medical care, cable TV, household help, insurance, farm produce, seafood, property taxes, and yes, wine, song and so on.
And new wireless internet access services keep popping up offering reasonable Internet access giving the government owned Belize Telemedia Ltd, a run for its money.Housing, depending on your taste can be significantly cheap compared to back home. Belize has a thriving Mennonite community that provides many services including pre-fabricated homes made from pressure treated lumber, local hardwood or industrial galvalum metal.
Spanish is widely spoken and unofficially it is believed it is the more popular language as Latinos are now the largest single ethnic group in Belize.
Our non-empirical studies show that most wealthy immigrants settle in Belize primarily because it is English-speaking. You can get far better living conditions and services at lower cost in Mexico and Guatemala, but language is often the clincher in the case of Belize.From the day you first set foot in here you can dine, chat, shop, and ask for directions without having to look up a foreign language app on your laptop or smart phone. Many folks who move to Belize report feeling better within a couple of weeks, perhaps due to a better diet, sunny clime or less stress.
There Are So Many Things To See Or Do In BelizeThere are so many things going on in Belize it is very hard to get bored.

The country may be small but its rich diversity of landscapes, cultures and as it is rapidly developing this makes for almost no end of things to do, places to explore, projects to plan and maybe even start a new business.Canoe racing on the Macal River in western BelizeIf you are on a budget, you will find and be able to take advantage of specials that are offered on the off season. It is home to thousands of species of trees and flowers, orchids, animals, birds exotic tropical fish and butterflies.The cultural diversity of Belize is what attracts some many visitors again and again.
The culture and history of the Maya dates back thousands of years.Latinos were the first Europeans to venture into the area and in fact the Father of the Mestizos Gonzalo Guerrero was the first European to make Belize his home. The Mexican bus company ADO now does twice daily runs between Belize and the Yucatan Peninsula with destinations in Cancun, Tulum and Merida. Dollar Is Accepted Belize CurrencyThe BZ Dollar still bears the image of the Head of State – Queen Elizabeth II.
With independence the Belize Dollar has sprouted some indigenous symbols such as various local flora and fauna as well as nationalistic symbols and landmarks.
You Like BelizeansAs a general rule Belizeans like North Americans and Europeans and folks from all over the world. It is estimated that the equivalent of Belize’s entire population lives in North America. Thus most any Belizean has a relative in North America.Many Belizeans work and live in the North America then retire back home thus it will not be strange to run into a Belizean who lived and worked in your hometown for a few decades before moving up here just like you! Some locals refer to these returned Belizeans as BelAmers – short for Belizean Americans.

I Love Belize TimeBelize is on a different time clock – much more relaxed and easy going. Belize Time really means the job will be delivered Monday evening if you are lucky or more likely Tuesday morning.8.
Caveat: beware of what you read in publications put out by foreign writers claiming to be Belize experts. And there are no restrictions on foreigners owning land in any part of Belize, and that includes water front properties.
I Can Afford To Live On The Beach In BelizeThe allure of the beaches in Belize is hard to resist.Prices are going up like everywhere but , you can live on the beach for about one third the cost of doing this in North American. I Can Make A Fresh Start In BelizeOr another way to put it, you can reinvent yourself in Belize.
Many retirees mingle with the various ex pat communities and find or take inspiration about new things to do. Starting a business takes drive and determination, Lara admits, but she has found the experience in Belize rewarding.The ultimate American retiree Emory King explains why he retired in Belize.

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