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Yet, Michelle now works as a skill assessment officer at VETASSESS, where she conducts skill assessments for migration purposes to Australia. But, the preferences for hiring in Australian Universities are heavily biased towards European students or students who claim European ancestry or originate from South Korea and Singapore.
In my opinion, Australia is growing as a multicultural and equal oppurtunity country where everyone are immigrants( even the indigenous I learnt). But, to my chagrin, I found a number of placement firms who run shady courses that extort as much as Au$ 3200 that teach prospective job hunters how to tailor their CVs to the demands of the job market. I feel that Australian academia and students are highly pampered by their government which makes them more complacent and indifferent to social issues.

If Indians (or if that matter any other foreigners) are coming to Australia expecting that their education or experience is acceptable and recognised in australia, its because our government, especially our immigration office, says so. Instead of agitating around the Gonski reforms Australian students and casual lecturers should roll up their sleeve, work 60 hours a day like their American colleagues and stop fretting about salary increases in a competitive environment. But in reality what I do see around in Australia is many (even Australians) are not getting jobs based on their qualifications ( because there are not many jobs here). I have no complaints about the university infrastructure in Australia which, I must confess is better than India, or even the US. Teaching assistantships in Australia are considered as personal fiefdoms and academics promote their own students as course tutors.

Nobody is going to spend thousands of dollars in education in Australia and then go back to their home country where there is no recognition for Australian education. There is lots of scholarship opportunities in the US compared to Australia and less racism.

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