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LinkedIn released a new plug-in that lets you apply for jobs with your LinkedIn profile by simply clicking a button. If you have empty fields in your LinkedIn profile, you might want to take some time to complete them. The new feature, called "Apply with LinkedIn," requires only a few steps to apply for jobs, and the information you submit can easily be personalized.

Professional networking site LinkedIn is rolling out a plug-in that lets jobseekers use their LinkedIn profile information to apply for positions right from an employer's Website with the click of a button. When you click the "Apply with LinkedIn" button on a company's website, a new screen pops up that lets you edit any of the fields in your profile. You also have the option to add a cover letter.Once you complete your edits and click "Submit Application," LinkedIn will show you the people in your network who work at that company.

If you do not have any connections at the company, LinkedIn will suggest second connections and who you have in common with them.

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