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Pay for part-time package handler positions starts at $10 an hour, and permanent part-time employees get health benefits and 401(k). The company said it was adding thousands of new or leased delivery vehicles, trailers, aircraft and portable loading aids for the period, which runs from October and through January. Last year, UPS underestimated the surge in deliveries during the holiday shipping season, which peaked several days later than the company had expected as shopping jumped at offers of free shipping right up until a few days before Christmas. Even with the additional hiring last year, UPS couldn't handle all the volume, and some last-minute deliveries were delayed until after Christmas. Since then, UPS has taken several steps to prepare for this year's onslaught of deliveries.

Part-time employees are eligible for UPS’s recently enhanced Earn and Learn program, which now offers up to $25,000 in tuition assistance. Submit a job application to one of the top employers in the courier, freight and delivery industry.
UPS originally planned to hire 55,000 seasonal workers but wound up adding 30,000 more to handle the surge in deliveries, which drove up costs and reduced earnings.
UPS expects shipments to begin rising in October and remain high through January, as some gifts gets returned or exchanged.
Rewarding careers are offered at UPS, where many of their employees experience good job security, great employee benefits and pay.

If employment with UPS has even crossed your mind it’s a great idea to submit an employment application.

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