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Participating in social media is no longer an option for businesses that want to succeed online; in 2013, it is an essential component to increasing website traffic and, ultimately, revenue. Similar boosts to your SEO can happen through “likes”, “retweets”, “+1” and like-minded recommendations, which show consumer confidence, trust and loyalty. The following graphic shows the process of gaining traffic to your site but more importantly, how it plays into search.

Because search engines view these social media signals as “recommendations,” they assign a higher value to them in their ranking algorithms, which impacts your SEO efforts by sending more and better qualified traffic to your brand’s website. In 2013, it will continue to grow in importance as more people use social media in their daily lives.
The “share”, as shown in the graph above, is one of the most valuable social signals your company can receive.

On your blog, include share buttons so that your readers can like, retweet, bookmark and share your content, and include connect buttons so readers can also connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and your other social networks.

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