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You don’t have to do a lot of research to see that the mainstream media uses social media every day. In radio, one of the largest chains of terrestrial radio stations mandates that their hosts push social media on a regular basis. Stations can then use this online funnel as a way to directly affect their bottom lines, because consumers don’t have to buy a thing once they get there. But if it were about the ad dollars alone, it wouldn’t be worth it to devote so much effort into social media.
That’s why I’m such a firm believer in investing the time and energy in social media marketing to develop RELATIONSHIPS (I can’t emphasize the word strongly enough) and build a strong following.

So, if you want to drive your marketing to a much higher level, do like the big boys do in TV, radio and print – use social media to build relationships with your potential customers and then watch as that potential is realized. My name is Taylor, and I’m a proud member of the small, but mighty, Social Media Department at our fabulous PR agency. Social media marketing atits finest helps businessesto connect with existingclients and potentialcustomers on a whole newlevel. Ed Schulz of MSNBC’s The Ed Show runs interactive polls on a nightly basis connecting those using social media back to his evening show.
Today, I wanted to share some of the smart social media tips I’ve learned since starting at Konnect PR!

Every major host or anchor has a social media presence in which they not only promote their appearances, but also seek feedback from their audiences. Not only that, they put their money where their microphones are by handing out cash bonuses for hosts that overachieve in the social media arena. Now don’t get me wrong, I know we use social media all time time, especially at this Los Angeles PR Firm, but utilizing it to support a business requires a slight shift in mindset.

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