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Share blog posts and other content from your clients, facilities, vendors and associations you are connected to. Such as sharing posts from the American Nursing Association or re-posting a great info-graphic that even your competitor has published. Establish trust with those folks and show you are a expert in healthcare staffing by posting their content. This ultimately drives great traffic back to your website and if it is great content then your fans will start sharing the blog post link on Facebook ultimately allowing more reach and more people to see your post without them even being a fan.

The number one mistake healthcare staffing agencies do with social media is over post jobs and then they lose interest in their fans. Combine the interactive job board, which is aggregating over 1.7 million openings from recruiting companies, with Facebook’s already staggering statistics - this will make Facebook the most powerful recruiting website in the world. It's quid pro quo – people are more inclined to giving your brand space on their Facebook wall or retweeting some of your content if you post theirs. Get the healthcare professionals interested in what you are saying and then they will start seeing all the awesome jobs you are posting.

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