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Even before and throughout this recession, this sectors has continued to grow,as this graph via Slate's Matt Yglesias shows. This month was no different, with the healthcare industry added 44,000 new jobs, most of them in ambulatory care services. In September, transit and ground passenger transportation added 9,000 jobs and warehousing and storage another 4,000.
State-run media report that a policeman shot and killed two Americans and a South African at a training center near Amman.

The show continued to ignore the biggest question on its fans’ minds and instead served up 45 sleepy minutes.
Greg Constantine has spent a decade photographing people with no documentation, and no rights. Iyanla Vanzant has created a reality series fit for a secular culture that loves spirituality lite.
Last week’s plane crash in Sinai may have altered a fledgling economic and political kinship between the two countries.

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