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Average Administrative Assistant salaries for job postings in Houston, TX are 13% higher than average Administrative Assistant salaries for job postings nationwide. Now suppose you look at the above jobs and none of them seem like a fit with the skill you realize you most want to use: training. Research shows that people are more likely to land jobs via acquaintances rather than via online job search, so please don’t spend all your job search time online. Book ticketsCompany Profile - Amegy Bank of TexasAmegy Bank of Texas is one of the largest banks in the Houston area and one of the fastest growing in the state. Banking jobs in Houston, TX by Job TitleView jobs in the Houston area from our list of premier partner job boards by job title. Houston's economic outlook is again firmly in the hands of the oil industry, and this brings good news and bad.
In the last 25 years, we have not experienced greater uncertainty about where the Houston economy is headed. In the face of great uncertainty about what path Houston’s economy might follow, this article engages in some scenario writing – a couple of simple stories about what might happen in coming months, and illustrating the consequences of these events on local job growth. Meanwhile, in east Houston, a major construction boom is underway based on cheap natural gas.

Figure 4 shows the recent level of both the oil-related base jobs and the non-energy part of the base, with about 55 percent of jobs being oil-related. Before we get into the details of various scenarios, let’s set some expectations about the rate of job growth in Houston. For the cluster of 300,000 oil jobs in Houston, a one percent expansion can create 18,000 new basic and nonbasic jobs over the following several quarters. So far, Scenarios 1 and 2 considered substantial cuts in E&P, but not the downstream spending that is expected to continue and grow to high levels on the east side of Houston. Statistical analysis found a consistent relationship between Houston construction employment and the level of domestic downstream spending. But do these temporary, blue collar jobs make good substitutes for the jobs lost upstream, many of them highly-compensated white-collar office workers.
To compensate for the temporary nature of these jobs, we replaced upstream jobs in the energy base with construction workers on a 2-for1 basis – two construction workers compensate for the lost salaries and the multiplier effect of a single worker upstream.
Applying these energy employment figures to a forecast of Houston jobs, we find that local job growth continues in both scenarios. Given Houston’s dependence on oil exploration and production, there is never a good time to see oil prices fall as far and fast as they have in recent months.

Simply working through the scenarios provides insight into the extent of the uncertainty facing oil markets, the oil industry, and the Houston economy. We may look back one day at the overall statistics for job growth in Houston in 2015 and 2016, and simply see a period of moderate growth after years of out-sized performance.
4 The estimate of this elasticity is from an error correction model relating US employment and the cluster of oil jobs in Houston to local payroll job growth. 6 There are probably only 100,000 or so white-collar jobs in the energy industry as we defined it.
7 Total construction employment in Houston was estimated as a function of general economic trends and specific spending by the oil industry for downstream construction activity. Duff & Phelps currently has several Investment Banking openings and other internet marketing jobs available in Houston today. New jobs are created locally by broad trends in US growth or by the expansion of the local oil cluster.

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