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The giant factories and smokestacks of a hundred years ago are fading into the pages of history books.
Even though many American companies actively recruit overseas workers for programming jobs, there is still plenty of work for qualified computer specialists right here in the United States. If you're looking for job security and growth, you'll want to focus on the industries that are adding the most new jobs in the coming decade.

With qualifications and insight earned from years of experience and study, a consultant might work from home while helping clients all over the world.
Though it has traditionally been a low-paying job, child care specialists today can expect to earn far more money today than peers who entered the field even a few years ago. Likewise, continual innovation assures technology workers that new machines, cables and other equipment will have to be installed every few years.

Even when those positions pay less than office jobs, the savings created by avoiding paid child care adds tremendous value for families.

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