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The Ticket to Work program provides Social Security disability beneficiaries who want to work with access to free employment support services via Ticket to Work service providers.
Real People, Real Success StoriesHear the real stories from actual Social Security Disability beneficiaries of how they took advantage of the free employment services provided by the Ticket to Work program to put themselves on the path to a better self-supporting future.
Use our Find Help tool to find a variety of Ticket to Work service providers that can help you understand how work will affect your benefits, provide you training, assist in your job search, and protect your rights.

View a sample of the letter and learn more about how you can access free employment support resources from Ticket to Work. You can also learn more about the Office of Research, Demonstration and Employment Support, which administers the program.
Watch Ben's journey and learn more about how Social Security's Ticket to Work can help you achieve greater financial independence by providing you access to free employment support services.

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