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Sip and Savor Our Holiday TeasShare the taste and aromas of new holiday teas and a returning favorite. To be the gold-standard specialty coffee and tea company in the world with brands that attract a highly dedicated and loyal customer following.
To enable and inspire customers to enjoy the daily pleasure of Peet’s coffees and teas by providing distinctive, superior coffee and tea knowledge, and superior service to every customer, every day. We believe in the principle of abundance; as we grow, we create exciting careers for our people, thriving local communities, and healthy, fulfilling lives for our global partners. Taylor Dow is in his final year of high school, but this year the 17-year-old will make more than half a million dollars (?285,000) from his weight-loss tea blend.When the teenage tea tycoon began selling BodyTea eight months ago, out of his parents’ home in the small town of Ocean Grove in Victoria, Australia, he thought he’d be lucky to make a few sales. Wrinkling her nose, heavily pregnant Anna Louise Simpson took a sip of a foul-smelling tea and felt like throwing up. Mum-of-two Anna Louise Simpson, 41, from Edinburgh, quit her job as a lawyer and founded Mama Tea just days after giving birth to her son Alexander in 2008.

In April 2009, eight months after Alexander was born and with a start up of ?30,000 from savings, Anna Louise launched Mama Tea.
Both of Mr Dow’s parents own their own businesses – his father is a property developer and his mother owns a modelling agency – though neither of them earn as much as their tea-spruiking son.‘My parents are really supportive of me. I wanted to be my own boss and with this tea idea I knew I was on to something.‘I sat in my nursing chair feeding Alexander and tapping away at my laptop researching herbal teas. He then spent two and a half months developing the product with a contact in China who owns a tea factory. So when a friend gave me a pack of raspberry leaf tea, promising it could help get things going, I immediately brewed some.
Not even being able to enjoy a nice cup of tea was the final straw.’But for Anna Louise, it was also a lightbulb moment. Once he had a brew he was happy with, Mr Dow began selling it online.Mr Dow says his tea blend contains organic and natural ingredients including hyacinth, chrysanthemum and jasmine flowers, and claims to help people lose weight by cutting down water retention, suppressing appetite and improving digestion.

It’s about looking for balance with what you’re eating and you need to increase activity as well,’ she said.Mr Dow's business plans do not stop with tea.
But it was the beginning of a huge change in the business.‘I didn’t have cash to put into marketing, so Mama Tea got sidelined in the special “Free From” aisle and sales never grew. I work from home using my garage to box up tea, and draft in friends and neighbours to help when we get a rush order.‘Combining a business with a family is tough and I’m constantly juggling the two. I had to make every second count.‘Wandering around local supermarkets, I saw aisles of traditional Chinese tea and only a few sad boxes of imported tea.

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