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A man walks in front of a company logo outside an Apple store in downtown Shanghai January 24, 2013. BEIJINGApple Inc is hiring a head of law enforcement in Beijing to deal with user data requests from China's government, according to a public job listing, after it last month began storing private data on Chinese soil for the first time. Employees who are rewarded for exemplifing the values of the company tend to stay for the long haul.
The day that employee you wish hadn't quit leaves is the best time to begin wooing her back.
In addition to the standard health insurance or 401(k), find out what you can offer without breaking the bank. When you're starting from scratch, these are the benefits that attract great employees.
According to the job listing, posted on professional networking site LinkedIn, the position will handle the "increasing number of third-party requests for access to Apple controlled data within China." The hiring of a head of law enforcement demonstrates the trade-off that comes with placing data storage within China, a move some technology companies avoid.

Congressional scrutiny after it in 2005 handed to Chinese authorities emails that led to the imprisonment of Shi Tao, a journalist who obtained and leaked an internal censorship order the government had sent Chinese media.
Having a server in the country can provide faster service to domestic customers, but it also means China's government can demand those servers' data, as is the case in other countries."The role will be directly responsible for the management, handling and issuance of appropriate responses to requests from law enforcement authorities, public prosecutors, and Courts etc.
Google complied with 65 percent of the 31,698 requests made during the first half of 2014, it said. Not differentiating compensation based on performance and potentialSome organizations do communicate potential to their star employees.
I worked at one where employees who were the top 5 percent of the organization were selected for high-potential programs. So, if you want to differentiate performance for your high potentials, be sure that you make it worth their while.
They want to try new things, be exposed to different parts of the business and stretch themselves.

Unless all of the roles in your organization are highly specialized or technical, consider moving people into new experiences and energizing them in different roles. Most employees understand that to see a big bump in pay, they need to go elsewhere, as they progress in their careers.
You inevitably back-fill their role, and you likely pay more than the person who left was making. Yet, our organizational structures and practices haven’t done enough to keep pace with these changing dynamics. There are too many organizations that are shooting themselves in the foot and undermining themselves by alienating their own employees.

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