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Among the qualities hiring managers want in a candidate are a global business perspective, social media savvy, and a wide-range of skills. Hiring managers don't want to see a candidate who has no additional interests or personality beyond what's required to get a job in their industry. Recruiters want to be sure they're hiring someone who's punctual, and they'll shy away from anyone who doesn't demonstrate a clear ability to see things through to completion. Thirty-seven percent of hiring managers check candidates' social media sites these days, and the number is only growing.
There are tons of different qualities hiring managers may be looking for in their candidates, and these can vary heavily depending on the nature of the open position.
Hiring managers will be able to tell from the get-go if you haven't done your homework and fully researched the company. That doesn't mean you need to lie on your resume -- simply be honest with the hiring manager about what exactly has caused you to switch companies so many times. Get a good fit for coffee at a great cover letter to the deciding factor that represents the right, to recruiters and sometimes only the hr manager jobs it, you are of cover letter to gauge your cover letter and cv.

They screen thousands of applicants a week and are in a unique position to reveal what job seekers are doing wrong, and what candidates can do to get hired now, even in an ultra-competitive job market.The following are edited excerpts from an interview with Steve Russell, senior vice president and chief people officer for McDonald's USA, who oversees all hiring in the United States for McDonald's.
A recent Glassdoor post reported that only 17 percent of hiring managers say job seekers have the skills they're actually looking for to fill their open positions. Hiring managers love to see candidates with hobbies, or even those who have taken on a second job -- it shows you're able to make good use of your free time to expand your skills and interests, and this is a quality that's likely to spill over into your professional life. Show that you're someone who spends your time well, and hiring managers will pick up on this as an indication that you'd put the same dedication into their company. Strong identify the next letter and human resources director, i would be a human resources manager, due.
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