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Generally speaking, in my honest opinion being in your teens and heading for highest paying jobs is a great thing to do. So this would be my recommendation for everyone looking for highest paying jobs for teens: web developement.
With the help of PayScale, AOL Jobs has a compiled a list of the seven best part-time jobs. First of all, you as a teen finding a high paying job is hard, naturally teens lack of what gives your workforce value: professional experiance.

States with a significant show business industry -- New York, California and Nevada -- have the highest numbers of workers employed in this profession. So if you want to work non-freelance, you have to stick to jobs that won?t require too much expertise in a field. Examples: burger flipping, comissioning in retail, mopping floors, mowing lawns, working as a stage hand, dogsitting, babysitting, and jobs like these.
Weather, heavy traffic and unruly children can make the job challenging at times, though one perk that many school bus drivers enjoy is summer break, giving them two to three months to pursue other jobs or interests.

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