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Graduates who leave university with a 2:2 or a third can expect to earn ?10,450 less each year than their peers with higher degree grades – a loss of almost ?500,000 over a working lifetime, according to new research. The average salary for a maths graduate stands at ?41,568, the research found, while civil engineers make ?41,124.
The highest-earning ten per cent of full-time employees took home around three and a half times as much money as the lowest ten per cent each week in the last financial year.

Employees on offshore oil platforms can expect to earn ?70,500 a year on average, commodities traders earn around ?60,464 and a firefighter’s average annual salary is ?52,960.
Engineering is in second place with an average salary of ?42,016, followed by physics and chemistry.Those who lose out on salaries are graduates with a degree in arts or literature. At the other end of the scale, some degree subjects will only lead to relatively low salaries.On average, a graduate with a degree in hospitality and tourism can expect to earn around ?18,996.

Art and design attracts an average salary of ?19,209 and anthropology an average pay of ?21,321.

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