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Senior executive assistants provide administrative duties to the most senior executives, particularly in large corporations. Share Tweet Share Pin +1According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, administrative assistant jobs are projected to grow by 13.2 percent by 2022.
Administration in the real estate field may include recruiting, training and hiring of personnel.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that administrative support in the legal industry offers among the highest pay—and that can include overtime. In May 2012, the Bureau of Labor Statistics say that the average wage for architectural and engineering managers is around $125,000 per year and the employment growth rate for these positions is only 7% projected through the year 2022, which is a slower-than-most growth rate compared to other jobs.
With this position can come high levels of stress and responsibility for failures, but if you love to see your ideas come to their fruition and have the confidence of making those things happen by running a tight ship, then the pros outweigh the cons, for certain.

To become a CEO, you must possess an undergraduate degree in a business field and a Masters degree in Business Administration. Of the two, orthodontists are a more specialized profession earning the highest annual median wages in the $205,000 range. Work experience is a plus when it comes to employers so entering a program, such as a cooperative engineering program that offers students credits for structured job experience are highly valuable to a student seeking this career choice. According to the OfficeTeam 2015 Salary Guide, four out of five of the top-paying jobs for admins will be in this industry. The advantage of doing this type of job search is that you are notified right away when appropriate jobs arise, instead of having to perform the search yourself.
Making this decision to expand your degree may prove highly beneficial to you due to the fact that the government economists predict that positions available for computer and information systems managers will increase at a faster than average rate for all related occupations, especially predicted in the healthcare industry.

Keep in mind as you stroll through the list that all of these positions have a low end pay and a high end pay and several factors determine the salary you would receive, such as size of the company you work for, whether you are self-employed, location, level of schooling, work experience, etc. On top of MEGA bonuses, your salary, of course, depends on what company you are the CEO of but the average median pay for CEOs is in the $176,000 range annually but can go as high as in the millions of dollars.

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