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Maryam says in the first few months of her new job, she tried not to travel for work while her husband and children acclimated. I am talking to 34-year-old Shannon O'Reilly-Fearn while her twin daughters are asleep. Not only is she networked, Shannon is fearless and wants to create a company with a mission to help others. One day my daughter came home from school and told me she looks forward to the day she has a job she loves and can come through her front door telling her family about her great day at work.
As a working mother, I have worried (like most moms do) about how my job might take away from my kids.
One day last week, I was interviewing someone for an article while in the waiting room at my son's orthodontist.
So, in addition to our job demands there is tons of pressure on mothers to be the right kind of mother who keeps all the details straight and our families organized. Happy Mother's Day to Molita and to all the mothers who are working at restaurants, in hospitals, as home health workers and any other job that requires they be away from their families on this special day. While the vast majority of working moms feel they can have it all, only half (52 percent) said they are equally successful in their jobs and as parents.

I fully acknowledge that only so much can get done in one day and that helps me from feeling overwhelmed from time to time.
It's been one year since New York City passed the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, which is supposed to prevent employers from pushing pregnant women out of their jobs by making physical demands that the women cannot handle. Swarns interviewed one woman, Angelica Valencia, who lost her job at the Fierman Produce Exchange due to her high-risk pregnancy.
Valencia says her employer never informed her of her rights under the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, and she was heartened to hear that she has some possible legal recourse. That said, Valencia's case shows one of the serious limitations of anti-discrimination laws like the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, which is that enforcement tends to be driven by the workers themselves, who frequently have to go through the process of filing complaints and even suing in order to get their basic rights. Nichole is Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion for Aon, a job that has her traveling and connecting with thousands of Aon professionals. While some women have been helped by the new law, Rachel Swarns of the New York Times found that enforcement leaves much to be desired.
Valencia told her supervisors in July that she had a high-risk pregnancy, they told her she could work only without restrictions, she said. Not everyone has the time or resources to do that, especially if you've just lost your job and you have a baby on the way.

Now, wants to help other mothers of multiples, which is why she founded her business TwinLove Concierge. I not only enjoy pageants as a contestant, but had a wonderful experience as Producer of the Miss Florida Gator and Miss University of Florida for two years while I was in college. The entire reason that Valencia needed the work accommodation in the first place is that stress put her pregnancy at risk.
Needless to say, getting fired and trying to get recourse for that also seems like it would be stressful.
She has even used social media to find young moms in other cities to help her expand her business and spread her concept -- classes and consultations for expecting mothers of twins, triplets and other multiples. At Patagonia,  managers have their meetings while hiking mountains and people take time in the afternoons to surf with co-workers.

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