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One other way you might be able to help people find jobs is by networking with people at your church or business. Though you may think it unnecessary to mention it, you should talk about how to avoid illegal jobs and stay out of jail. Help them know about adult learning possibilities so they can improve their skills in computers, business, and many other areas and thus improve their employability.

This process is particularly important if you’re applying for jobs in teaching, health care or social work, and can take up to six months.Plan in AdvanceNever assume, no matter how qualified and experienced you are, that you’ll get a job without issue.
Delaying your search for a job puts you at risk of not finding suitable employment in time.Get OnlineSearch online for jobs. Offer an employer the opportunity to interview you over Skype.Approach Leading Employers for New CanadiansMany of Canada’s biggest companies are proud of the fact that they offer great jobs and support to immigrants looking to make a start in the country.

Looking for jobs on their websites, you can be sure that your application won’t be rejected because you’re not already a Canadian resident.

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