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Sometimes a doctor or a professor in a new country has to take a job in a factory because she can’t yet pass boards or get credentials in the new language. For job interviews they should take with them their social security card, their immunization record, proof of their address and phone number and a copy of their 1-94 card (they should not carry around the original as the 1-94 card can be very hard to replace). Keep getting to know your international friends and you will find out more about their skills.
One other way you might be able to help people find jobs is by networking with people at your church or business. Though you may think it unnecessary to mention it, you should talk about how to avoid illegal jobs and stay out of jail.
Help them know about adult learning possibilities so they can improve their skills in computers, business, and many other areas and thus improve their employability.

LinkedIn remains the most popular social network used to source employment, ahead of Facebook and Twitter, and four in five say social media makes finding work easier than it was five years ago.
When you're searching for a new position, you can spend hours scrolling through online job databases, fine-tuning your resume and waiting for the phone to ring.
The competition is not because the job seekers are highly talented but, the condition is completely opposite. Sending a mass email with a subject line that pleads, "Help me find a job!" won't be as helpful as crafting personalized messages to connections who might have a lead for you.
Contact us and say, "Help me!" Find a job through our recruiters, and you'll never be alone in the hunt again. When you appear for any job interview, most of the time you either lack the necessary skills required for the job or you don’t have desired work experience.

There is no substitute of excellence and that comes thorough developing the skills that are required for job. Our education system focuses only on students to get good marks without giving appropriate thought on the overall development of the skills required to get a job in the current market. And, don’t be surprised when we say that the training is free and every trainee who successfully completes his training will be offered a job.

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