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Remember that while having a job during college is a great choice, your academics should always be your first priority. Now that you know some tips to keep in mind as a student worker, check out this list of some of the best jobs to have while in college. Okay, so babysitting may not be the most steady of an income, but it can be great if you don’t have time during your day for work. While there are many more jobs out there, these few seem to be the tried and true best jobs for college kids. You have covered all the best campus jobs and off-campus jobs that are perfect for college students to have while taking classes, but I would also add lab assistant or professor’s research assistant positions to the list! There are a host of resources that your college offers to help you find part-time employment. People in your inner circle are good sources to keep in mind when looking for part-time work.
Second as a college student who has always held a part time job I have a few tips for you, and some suggestions on the best jobs for college students.

Remember that your job is not the most important part of your life while you’re in college, college is! As a full-time third year college student, I have had multiple jobs, often at the same time, as well as participating in a sport.
A lot of the time, there are positions available within campus departments, and your work could be directly related to your college major and help you get further in your studies and pave the way for your future career. Meaghan Shaw, a senior at Duke University, found one of her jobs when the psychology department emailed psych students to advertise a teaching assistant position.
We all want to make money doing what we love, and going freelance could be a great way to monetize your passions. When Chelsea isn't at school or whipping up a mean latte as a Barista, she enjoys spending time outdoors and attempting to make Pinterest crafts! It’s a great job because you get to share why you love your university and help incoming students during the difficult college decision process. Companies may advertise open positions on their Facebook pages or on Twitter using hashtags like #jobopening, #nowhiring or #freelance (especially for part-time work).

Your school may even have an online database of part-time listings for jobs on or close to your campus. The good news about on-campus jobs is that they have a high turnover rate: As students continue to graduate, positions will become available again. Freelance work offers the ultimate flexibility, and with the capacity to choose your own field, clients and hours, it can be a great choice for collegiettes who find even traditional part-time jobs restricting. Like this article says, keep in mind for class time AND study time when filling out work availability. Often times on-campus jobs just entail you sitting at a desk for hours on end and allow you to work on homework if need be.

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