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Listed below are 10 great platforms where you may find your first or next graphic design job. Job postings in this platform are instantly distributed across famous design websites that make up their Design Employment Network like Coroflot, PSFK, and CreativePro. Creative Hotlist is a dedicated job board website that allows users to create an account wherein they can upload their resumes and use it to apply for jobs. Graphic design jobs are currently in high demand in areas such as advertising, publishing, Internet marketing and website design, as well as for interactive styles of media such as designing art or graphics for video games, computer and phone apps, etc. Potential graphic art students need to determine the type of job they want to hold after graduation in order to decide on the proper type of graphic design degree.
According to information collected by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, students in graphic design will be taking courses such as principles of design, web design, computer design, studio art, etc. The majority of graphic design jobs require that the person have a four –year bachelor’s degree to take the best of the available jobs in this field, but lesser jobs in this niche can be filled by persons with an associate degree. Graphic design certificate –Can be earned in only nine hours of classes and teaches the student about software and graphic design only.
Associate of Arts in Graphic Design: A two-year program in which classes are taken in multimedia such as communications, solving potential design problems, logic, and problem solving. Associate of Science in Graphic Design: A two-year program which centers on theoretical thinking, as well as developing technical, plus creative abilities and skills.
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design: This is a four year program that will provide more advanced skills. Master of Arts in Graphic Design: This is a more advanced degree and gives graduates the accreditation they need for the higher up jobs in the field of graphic design.
Therefore, if someone aspires to become a graphic artist, then it is vital to get the best possible education either online or on campus at an accredited school of graphic design before applying for a job in this niche.
For those who own their own businesses, it becomes clear after a short while that it’s nearly impossible to exist without a capable graphic designer. Technically, graphic design communicates ideas and information to audiences via various graphical mediums. The correct nomenclatures for those who work in the field of graphic design are “graphic designers” or “graphic artists.” These are highly sought-after individuals with a unique voice that create the amazing graphic designs people see in their daily lives. People who are looking for a career in graphic design typically go to a graphic design school or a specialty graphic design college. One final thing about performing a college search is that when looking for a graphic design school or graphic design college, a searcher must have a tangible goal in mind.
A good graphic designer is adept at communicating a business’ message through creative design.
A good graphic designer has the ability to create extremely appealing and attractive designs. A good graphic designer makes use of physical, cultural, cognitive and social factors when executing designs.
A good graphic designer speaks with creative and art directors while bringing their own market research into play. If you’ve started thinking about going to graphic design school, odds are that you have several college possibilities and a lot of pros and cons to weigh. A good graphic design program is going to guide you in the construction of a final portfolio project that you can take out into the world to help you in your job search after graduation, so if you’re looking at a college that doesn’t include portfolio development in some capacity, you might want to look a little deeper before you sign any enrollment papers. Maybe it’s not the same as having real-world, on-the-job experience, but since you’ll be fresh out of graphic design school, you’re just trying to get your foot in the door. Almost as soon as you enroll in graphic design school, you’ll probably want to start thinking about the future of your portfolio. Graphic design is a study of concepts portrayed through animation to explain another perspective on graphic design. Also, it is explained that graphic design can be a demanding profession and one that takes much out of people who work in the field. A good portion of a graphic designer’s day is spent interacting with various people via e-mail, fax or even physical mail. The most important moment in the day of a graphic designer can also center on proofing printed designs and ensuring that they are laid out in an attractive manner for presentation to a client. Hiring a website designer means that owners don’t have to worry about learning to code pages or to fix faults when they occur, the designer is responsible for that.
With the arrival of desktop publishing and graphic art software applications, like Adobe Creative Suites, there is a new generation of designers who have been trained to use a computer in order to manipulate images and designs.
Graphic designers are not IT experts and buying a computer for graphic design work can often be a confusing and expensive exercise.
We recommend concentrating on the basic principles that graphic designers use and build from there.
The history of graphic design stretches back all 18,500 years ago with the appearance of the first known cave-paintings. The design of a logo rarely tells the story of if that logo will get any amount of traction.

Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editing program developed and published by Adobe Systems Incorporated used by graphic designers. The use of graphic design tools such as Photoshop can reduces the time required to develop a website. One of the main advantages that make Photoshop different to other graphic design software is how simple it is to use. It is a perfect tool to assist with designing websites and essential for all web designers.
TweetGraphic designers work in a visual medium in which they convey ideas and thoughts through images. Since most of the design work nowadays takes place electronically, an in-depth knowledge of IT is definitely needed. Graphic designers need to be very comfortable with software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. In spite of most of the work being done on computers, designers still have to conceptualize their work and make sketches of it. Syracuse offers two tracks for advertising students, as a department in the Public Communications College and as advertising design at the College of Visual and Performing Arts' School of Art and Design. Many Syracuse advertising students have landed jobs working for major radio, magazine and television media, such as CNN, Falkner says.
These websites are also quite helpful for creatives from another field in the industry such as web design, animation, and illustration. AIGA Design Jobs has successfully matched creatives with over 10,000 jobs from colossal companies across the US like Amazon, Bloomberg, Facebook, IDEO, MTV Networks, and Nokia. If someone wishes to work in this career field, then they will need to choose the correct type of graphic design degree programs. Classes may include the theory of design, electronic publishing, graphic imagery, classes on sales development and design production. Classes include graphic design, changing technology in the field, and current trends in graphic design. Classes may involve courses in types of design software, design concepts in social media, and other advanced titles. Bureau of Labor and Statistics recommends that students get the best education they can as competition is expected to be keen for graphic design jobs. The world is full of clever advertising and targeted designs, some so subtle that it’s difficult to notice them. The term “graphic design” refers to multiple professional and artistic schemes that present information visually to a targeted audience. By performing a highly selective college search, one can weed out low-quality schools and go to the graphic design school that is right for them. Some schools are specifically geared toward advertising and marketing; others are more abstract and geared toward graphic design solely as an art form.
You may love working with typography best, but odds are that the jobs you will be applying for will require much more than that. Every potential employer is going to be looking for graphic designers who meet their unique needs for the position, so allow yourself the chance to adjust your portfolio accordingly. Dedicated graphic designers can be haunted in his or her sleep by colors, lines, shapes, and textures, which he or she has an overwhelming urge to transform into illustrative works of graphic art.
Even after preparing a roughly drafted design, for example, a designer will fax a copy of the draft to the client hoping to narrow down their exact design needs and the direction of the project.
As the presenter of this video emphasizes, the way that a design is presented is as important as its content. However, there is more to engaging a website than hiring a designer to complete everything you don’t want or know how to do. Computer graphic design has enabled designers to instantly see the effects of layout or typographic changes immediately. In the subsequent generations since its inception, graphic design has grown to influence everything that we do in business as well as our personal lives.
The marriage of text and imagery has allowed for the design of not only logos and corporate brands, but also the design of everything that we use in day to day life. If you see your future in designing logos go to and select graphic design in the by degree section. Graphic design packages such as Adobe Illustrator may claim to offer a wider range of features, but can be complicated for the user.
A Web design company often uses tools to make the design process more efficient and quicker. Designers need to be very open to change and need to constantly innovate to stay ahead of the curve. They need to know how to combine facets of videography, animation and photography into their designs to truly impress clients. Graphic designers need to have basic drawing skills to be able to put their ideas on paper and draw them for clients.

Student desiring to earn any of these can enter a degree program either online or offline, depending on their desire and time. The bottom line is that salaries for graphic designers is expected to range between about $39,000 and more than $100,000, according to BLS statistics.
These promotional campaigns take the form of letterheads, business cards, websites, logos, flyers, banners, newsletter designs, posters, etc. This is an important step for budding artists as a good college search will yield the best graphic design college.
This is why graphic designers are important; they pour emotion into their work and make it evocative.
Graphic designers have many tools at their disposal, such as images, typography, and page layouts. Finally, if someone wants to know what graphic design is really like, he or she should stare into the sun until he or she goes blind. A heavy focus on the communication process ensures that a good graphic designer has a complete understanding of his or her client’s expectations regarding the finished project.
Graphic designers also spend a great deal of time focusing on their client’s intended audience when examining a finished product such as brochures or advertisements. Designers also benefit from computers when it comes to simulating the effects of traditional media without requiring a lot of time and resources.
Every day it seems the days of drawing boards, Letraset dry transfer lettering and Rotring pens are getting further away from the graphic designers everyday arsenal of tools. There are exhaustive buyers guide to specific hardware and software, but computer specifications change daily, so a designer’s requirements are always changing. We also recommend asking lots of questions of other designers and in places like the graphic design forums. This has led to a high demand for graphic designers who need a solid graphic design degree program at a graphic design career college. Over time, graphic design has come to be the source for almost every major advancement in the developed world. Photoshop is the leading graphic design software available for use by design companies, freelance web designers and other graphic design professionals. The National Association of Schools of Art and Design accredits 200-plus institutions with programs in art and design and also is an excellent resource for students interested in advertising art as a career. AI graduates could become graphic designers, art directors, account executives, sales reps, branders, marketing managers, public relation directors, researchers, buyers or copywriters.
The world of graphic design has not only entered our businesses, but our personal lives as well. Marketing materials command the most need for graphic designers, as they need advertising in magazines, web design, etc.
If a graphic designer’s work can evoke emotion from a consumer, then they have done their job well.
The long and short of it is – when it comes to graphic design careers, it’s not enough to have JUST a list of education and skills or JUST a photo book of your creations. While based on the use of the graphic design elements in the video, such as a winking Mona Lisa, we can see that the author’s extreme perspective is not to be taken too seriously, the video does get across the viewpoint that graphic design is not just the mechanical use of fonts, layouts, and other graphical elements, but a form of artistic expression that can be just as consuming as painting or sculpture. Devoting time to communication and paying attention to details ensures that clients are highly satisfied and that each product will have the desired effect. To become a graphic designer or learn more about this degree, go to and select graphic design.
If you are starting your process in becoming a graphic designer or want to know more about this degree, go to and find graphic design.
Even current events and brands have begun to hearken back to those older and more primitive designs as a way of expressing reverence for those that have come before them. Photoshop is used widely in the desktop publishing and graphics design industry as well as the web authoring profession.
Photoshop is a must have tool for a web design companies as well as businesses that have regular media requirements. Also, a designer or art director may hand sketch numerous concepts as part of their creative process.
Any graphic design degree program or more complete graphic design career college can provide copious amounts of information on the growth of this interesting field. Due its simplicity, Photoshop can also be used by non technical users with little or no prior graphic design experience.
The ability to communicate this kind of message with a simple font is of course a clear illustration of the power of graphic design. To start your process go to and head to their graphic design by degree section.

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