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Average Software Engineering New Graduate Engineer salaries for job postings in Fullerton, CA are 4% higher than average Software Engineering New Graduate Engineer salaries for job postings nationwide.
Fresh Graduate Resume Sample Doc - There are a lot of beautiful resume templates out there, but it can be easy to feel like a lot of the best cost a ridiculous amount of money, require special design. Engineering colleges have been springing up like wild mushrooms in India in the last few years.
If these figures are anything to go by, it would be easy to be led into believing that opting for a degree in engineering would be a wise career move in India.
Whether it is the below-par quality of education provided by private colleges or the stagnating (if not shrinking) demand for the number of engineers, the huge number of engineering pass outs – which, incidentally, is more than the total number of engineers produced by the USA and China combined together, face a bleak future. A large percentage of the ‘fortunate’ ones who do end up getting a job after an engineering degree take up jobs which are well below their technical qualifications, since the supply far outnumbers the demand.

The rapid growth in the number of engineering colleges can be attributed to an ecosystem built around feeding the $110 billion outsourcing market and the huge demand for engineers in the IT sector in India itself. Sadly however, the demand for IT related jobs in India fell sharply due to non-linear growth models of IT companies and lesser number of men required to handle the same jobs as before due to a higher degree of automation.
Making matters worse is the fact that the start-up salary offered to fresh engineering pass outs is expected to stagnate at more or less the same level in the next 3- 5 years, said LiveMint last year.
TCS, however, will continue to scout the various engineering colleges in its bid to hunt for the best talent in the industry and look forward to hiring 35,000 professionals in 2014-15 as compared to 25,000 the previous year.
Now, while that is a sad pointer to the grim scenario, it is pertinent to point out that only a small percentage of those who ‘pass out’ from engineering colleges do possess any skills worth the name at all.
The fact, however, remains that 20-33% out of the 1.5 million engineering graduates passing out every year run the risk of not getting a job at all, points out EconomicTimes.

They do not get jobs for which they are qualified or ‘suitable’ jobs, which makes the matters worse. Most of the engineering graduates who fail to grab an employment in their respective industry, end up joining call centers or BPO units in MNCs that could be disastrous for them in the future. And if at this time you are looking for information and ideas regarding the Fresh Graduate Resume Sample Doc then, you are in the perfect place.
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