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As Washington inches closer to massive spending cuts, we should consider the effect that lost government jobs will have on the broader U.S. See just how far state and local government employment lags behind other sectors of the economy. Total state and local government employment peaked during the early stages of the recession in the summer of 2008, reaching about 19.8 million jobs.
Reviewing data for individual sectors further shows just how far government trails other areas of the economy. Local governments (including schools) account for nearly two-thirds of public-sector employment. Collectively, government employment has remained essentially flat over the past few months, continuing a prolonged period of slow growth.

The Labor Department's most recent estimates indicate the sector remains about 630,000 jobs below this level. Over the past 12 months, states, localities and the federal government added a combined 72,000 jobs, representing an increase of just 0.3 percent. Slow growth for local government payrolls has persisted in recent months, with the Labor Department's latest estimates suggesting employment for March is at the same level as it was in August. On Sunday, my colleague Derek Thompson pointed out that government jobs have declined by a larger percentage than private sector jobs since President Obama took office.
Even as private-sector job gains accelerated last year, most governments have yet to experience steady increases in hiring. But within that data you find two very different stories, however: federal government jobs have flourished while state and local government jobs have plummeted.

Non-education state government payrolls have shed an estimated 174,000 jobs since the start of the recession, a decline of about 6.2 percent. Here's a chart showing the two contrasting paths (the purple line marks the start of Obama's term): Do your best to ignore those big spikes on the red line for federal jobs. As you can see, federal government jobs (excluding the postal service) have actually grown fairly aggressively since Obama took office.
If state and local governments had just left their 2008 spending levels intact instead of cutting jobs since 2009, then the U.S.

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