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Today the Wall Street Journal has an excellent piece by Ana Campoy and Sara Murray about the Texas miracle.
This is all the more remarkable, considering that Perry doesn’t believe government jobs (including his own) exist at all. Rick Perry (R) has been basing his nascent presidential campaign on his anti-government views and Texas’ supposed job creation miracle. The chart shows that Texas employment wasn’t down much at all in these years, as the state lost only 53,000 jobs.

Of course, these stats may not hold for long, because Texas is going to have to lay off tens of thousands of workers under the draconian budget that it put in place for the upcoming budget cycle. While he might not deserve credit for the Texas job boom, he can claim credit for some likely job losses. As we noted today, when labor force growth is taken into account, Texas actually has the worst job creation record in the nation (though it does lead the country in minimum wage jobs). Some of the coverage points to important caveats–the booming oil economy, for instance, and rapid population growth both make Texas fairly unrepresentative.

Male dominated fields like construction and manufacturing are more sensitive to the ups and downs of the economy, so when times get tough, their jobs tend to disappear faster, and in larger numbers. According to the Roosevelt Institute, 40.5 percent of all state and local government job losses occurred in places where Republicans won control of the legislature in 2010.

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