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He earlier visited Connecticut, California and Pennsylvania.After winning re-election last year with a big boost from the Republican Governors Association, Scott doesn’t invade states run by his fellow Republicans.
The contract says the average wage of 1st Source’s jobs will be $66,000 a year.Trumpeting the new jobs, Scott made much of Kentucky’s income tax and closed-shop union rules.
Statehouse Republicans' attempts to freeze a 2008 Ohio law on energy efficiency and renewable energy conflict directly with Gov.
The antics of Ohio's Republican-run General Assembly are undercutting the job-creating efforts of Republican Gov. As anyone knows who has eyes to see and ears to hear, Kasich has been talking jobs, jobs, jobs, since Day One of his governorship.

Meanwhile, though, the legislature's two top Republicans, Greater Cleveland's William Batchelder and western Ohio's Keith Faber, are slapping together a purported "energy" bill, Amended Substitute Senate Bill 310. In terms of Ohio's emerging job-growth prospects, Kasich, in one pew, and Batchelder and Faber, in another, aren't just singing different hymns.
Kasich needs to divorce his jobs message from Ohio Republicans' anti-jobs provisions in S.B. Thomas Suddes writes that his jobs, jobs, jobs message is being undercut by legislative Republicans trying to freeze job-creating alternative-energy timetables in Ohio. Ohio has now been generating job growth at a rate below the USA national average for 18 consecutive months.

On Friday, the Job and Family Services Department announced Ohio's April unemployment rate. And the stats certainly don't profile some of the Ohioans treated most unjustly by the last slump: Older Ohioans laid off from long-held career jobs.

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