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Google receives more than two million job applications from around the world each year, hiring several thousand of those candidates.
It takes an average of six weeks to secure a hire, and every candidate needs to be screened by their potential boss, potential colleagues, a hiring committee, and finally Google CEO Larry Page. Google works with some recruitment firms, but only in specific situations in which outside expertise is a requirement, such as building a new team in another country. The company has used third-party job boards like Monster in the past, but pulled back from them after its reputation grew sufficiently, mostly because it found that too many of those sites' users send out generic mass job applications.
Today, Google relies on its own careers portal and the referrals it solicits from Googlers. He also recommends that managers make use of LinkedIn, Google+, alumni databases, and professional associations to discover talent.

An organization the size of Google can afford to have a large group of people spend time with each candidate, but even smaller companies need to avoid placing the burden of hiring someone onto one individual.
Over the past several times, rumors have abounded that Google planned to bring Fiber to New York City, however, if the company did decide to bring the service to the city, it would have a difficult time gaining a foothold. Another major hurdle that Google might have to clear in order to bring Fiber to the Big Apple is how badly the current mayor wants the service.
If you're hiring an administrative assistant, don't simply look for someone who can answer a phone and schedule your meetings; find someone who will make your job easier by organizing your time and priorities better than you ever could. A complex of tunnels originally built for telephone wire in 1888 lies beneath Manhattan running all the way to the Bronx controlled by Empire City Subway, a subsidiary of Verizon. Although Mayor Bill de Blasio once said that New York City should do everything in its power to give its citizens universal access to high-speed Internet, the question remains as to whether New York would give Google everything it would need to install its network.

Reports from Crain’s New York, however indicate that these conduits are filled with cables from defunct Internet providers. The conduit system that could supply Google Fiber is a crowded mess, a situation that is most unlikely to change in the short term.

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