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We here at Animation Insider wish you and yours a VERY prosperous and animatin’ new year!
At Animation Insider we know getting a job is all about who you know and that’s why we offer links to jobs when we see them. From all of us here at Animation Insider to all of you across the world, we wish you a VERY merry Christmas!
Just because you work in animation, it doesn’t mean you have free reign to come and go as you please. Some people feel resentful of the studio and moan about how they’re not getting paid enough. Since I last posted, I seem to have developed a stutter in my salutations AND I’ve got an animation job.
In 2009 I am an animation teacher giving out alarm clocks to the class to make sure they turn up on time. Be able to Create and deliver high quality animation content for television commercial, films, animation shorts and games of different genres.

Be able to Use sound animation techniques in nailing the required characteristics of characters and props. Understand the animation production pipeline process such as modeling, rigging, rendering etc.
Possessing the knowledge of implementing animation into game engine and rigging is a great advantage for an animator.
But I’ve seen people in animation school and on their first jobs (and beyond) violate one, two or even all three of these principals. After the animation course, the student has to decide, what area of animation, he wants to work in and then prepare himself to work in that field. The whole essence of an animation job is client satisfaction which is much more important than self-gratification or showmanship. In order to make this process of getting the exclusive jobs in style above mentioned course of actions and the guidelines are very much necessary to all the employee to cope. Studios don’t want their scripts getting out and especially with the internet, you can understand their concerns.

To get an animation job in India or anywhere in the world, certain requirements have to be met. As the industry standard is so high I knew that the most likely way for me to achieve this was with a running job and then to work my way up. There I began to work in computer graphics like small credit sequences, animations and jingles. Soon I realised the potential of all this software and I started doing some FX shots and animation at home. The guy on his first job breaking his contract and leaving the studio (and his fellow artists) in the lurch.

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