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A friend of the family is looking to get into the advertising business, and he sent me an email asking for my advice. Read everything you can find online on advertising, and do this every day for 30 minutes, minimum.
This entry was posted in Advertising, Advertising thoughts, Top 5 posts and tagged advertising career advice, Advertising interviewing, advertising job hunt, advertising job search, Advertising jobs by Martin Murphy. Marketing has changed a lot in the last five years, and what worked in the past will not always work in today’s job market. A quick presentation on how to get a job in advertising, delivered to college students at the National Collegiate American Marketing Association confab in New Orleans, LA in 2007. If it’s linked to “the search” (documenting your thoughts on advertising, or even your job hunt), even better.
Why advertising, what about it interests you, where you think the industry is headed, where you think you can contribute with a unique angle that others can’t, etc.
No, but it’s pretty inexpensive, all I ask is this: if you put it all into practice and it lands you a job – let me know. Great advice that’s actually intuitive too, given the prolific nature of advertising.

I double-majored in advertising and marketing and worked briefly in the industry when I graduated. When applying to jobs online, most entry level positions require that you have 2-4 years agency experience. Overall, we are seeing people drop their standard resumes, and even LinkedIn pages, to become creative about looking for a job. But be aware that at large agencies these are sometimes more competitive than getting a real job! Stick to advertising, marketing, and related topics such as design, photography, branding, etc. You’re so lucky that you are in the epicenter of advertising, design and just about everything else.
Trust me when I tell you that if you’ve been doing all of the above for a couple of months and have developed a unique point of view on advertising, you are a more interesting prospect than 70% of those looking (make that 90% if you happen to know multiple languages or have some other differentiating element in your background). I love that this industry allows those who are interested to grab and learn at every sighting of advertising or marketing vessel.
Since first reading this article about three weeks back my job search has been far more productive than I ever would have imagined.

Remember, you are looking for a job in a very creative and inventive career, so make something that will stick out to land your dream job. Definitely follow the agency feeds and those of interesting people who work at agency and tweet about advertising (it’s useless if you follow an advertising guru that only tweets about his dogs). You can also hack into the hiring chair’s email and send your information to everyone in the hiring department, if you are willing to take this risk to land the job.
If you’ve got past experience (internships) an advertising degree, or some kind of advance degree, by all means don’t sell yourself short and go for an AE job, not some group assistant gig. Go to lectures, sneak into cocktails by the advertising agency association, go to exhibits that the cool creatives and designers go to, go see smart movies, go see live music, go to boutiques, audit a course, get a girlfriend that works in HR at a major agency! My knowledge on the industry has more than doubled, and I have never been more excited to start my dream career in advertising.
Even if you’re crazy stunt doesn’t land you a job, you may get, at least, an interview and your name out there.

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