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Hank Foley, MU’s senior vice chancellor for research and graduate studies, was appointed interim chancellor. German employees of the US mail order giant Amazon are striking over how much they are paid. Amazon workers in Bad Hersfeld and Leipzig have walked off the job for two days of strikes.
Employees at logistics centers of US retail giant Amazon have continued their strike action as they hope to see management agree to talks on higher wages. A group of employees working for Amazon in Germany have declared they're not seeing eye to eye with their service sector union.
German labor union Verdi is trying to hit online shopping hub Amazon right where it hurts: during its pre-Christmas sales. About 20 hours into the staggeringly ambitious, post-apocalyptic video game, which Bethesda Games releases on Tuesday, my character’s loyal German Shepherd ran ahead of me to sniff at something. Their union Verdi asserts that the company should treat them as being mail order and retail sector employees, and accept a collective bargaining agreement which would pay them accordingly.

With a new strike underway, the press published internal reports detailing to the minute where and for how long workers did not work. I’d met the dog early on and adopted him as a loyal companion, one who helped alert me to nearby threats and dug around for buried treasure. Fallout 4 throws this disconnect into even sharper relief—even for players of the exact same game. In June, a professor protecting himself with a pseudonym wrote an essay for Vox describing how gingerly he now has to teach. In Germany, the number is closer to 60 percent—in fields as diverse as advanced manufacturing, IT, banking, and hospitality. German firms don’t view dual training as something for struggling students or at-risk youth. Skeptical Americans worry that the European model requires tracking, and it’s true, German children choose at age 10 among an academic high school, a vocational track, or something in between.
But it turns out there’s a lot of opportunity for trainees to switch tracks later on.

Each German company has a different way of calculating the bill, but the figures range from $25,000 per apprentice to more than $80,000.
What makes dual training work, every manager told us, are the standardized occupational profiles, or curricula, developed by the federal government in collaboration with employers, educators, and union representatives. Every young machinist training anywhere in Germany learns the same skills in the same order on the same timetable as every other machinist. And in both settings, university and dual training, it’s agreed that the purpose of education is to prepare people for jobs.

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