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In more encouraging news, 59 percent of teens perceive IT jobs as a way to help their fellow man. This may be more appropriate for a larger city, but if you have a way with animals and love dogs, this could be a great gig for you. I tried to keep these to more unique and interesting ways that teens could make money this summer (or really, any time for that matter!). From there, I began to become increasingly involved with more forms of technology from computers to televisions and now my recent fascination with Android.
A recent study from CompTIA found that an overwhelming 97 percent of teens and young adults love technology.
That’s more than 51 percent of teens who only perceive IT as a means to a good big paycheck.
They would love to get IT jobs to help their fellow man, but don’t see it as economically viable.

Many of these kids who love technology depend on us for news and the latest trends in technology. The company has announced two new VR features for its Android app – VR video support and the ability to watch any YouTube video via Google’s Cardboard VR headset.
A teen could offer classes at a library, advertise on Craigslist and provide business cards to nearby electronics stores. An enterprising teen could be alerted of these freebies and grab the good stuff and then resell it. Despite all of that love for technology, I gave up on my dreams of working in technology due to all the math that’s required. In between, there was more good vibes as teens seem to perceive IT as a fun job that lets them play with cool technology. Video game job interest has some competition though from the ever growing app economy with 41 percent of teens seeing themselves making an app.

I’m already a lost cause as I chose my path long ago, but many teens are still trying to choose. These teens are harbingers of technology that love to show friends and family members the newest gadgets while helping diagnose problems with computers and the like. I would imagine this would be a great job for a detail-orientated teen who enjoys cleaning.
You could also find realtors looking to help homeowners stage and clean their properties for sale. While the survey was not exactly clear over whether teens saw this requirement as a positive or negative; I think we can all guess which one it was.

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